Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stuff I Plan To Do In June

So I've decided to be more productive for the rest of the year, and I will accomplish this by making lists of things I'm going to do, and then doing half the things on the list and then mentally berating myself for being such an underachiever. Let's start with:

  1. Read a life-changing book and let it change my life.

  2. Start re-learning to play the piano.

  3. Plan and execute a garage sale with the kids.

  4. Make a pair of jeans that fit me.

  5. Upgrade my computer.

  6. Take all of the 'donate' items leftover from the gararge sale somewhere, and DONATE them.

  7. Go to open mic night at Hugo House and read something, out loud, to the crowd.

  8. Try to get something published.

  9. Clean both bathrooms, top to bottom, including the corners.

  10. Lose 10 pounds.

Ok, that should be enough for one month. Or completely impossible to accomplish in ten. Updates will follow.

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