Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What I Did While I Was Not Posting

So where did the time go??? I am doing badly with writing down what I eat, but I will just start again, because this time I am committed to the process of losing weight and I AM NOT A QUITTER, DAMMIT! Anyway, what was I doing instead of blogging for the last twelve days? Here are the highlights, in no particular order:

  1. Eating too much.
  2. Taking my mom to a concert for Mother's Day.
  3. Going to an awesome show at Circus Contraption which was totally awesome. Did I mention it was awesome?
  4. Watching too much TV.
  5. Reading Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer for the dozenth time.
  6. Forgetting to water my plants.
  7. Admiring this blog which is what my blog wants to be when it grows up.
  8. Bailing my kid out of jail.
  9. Hanging out at the U-District Street Fair.
  10. Listening to Corinne Bailey Rae, Amy Winehouse and similar musical talents on Pandora.
  11. Learning about goats.
  12. Trying to decide whether or not to buy Master Your Metabolism and developing a platonic crush on Jillian Michaels.
  13. Reminicing about when I was anorexic.
  14. Taking a cooking class at Cooksworld, an amazingly excellent cooking school.
  15. Staying up all night arguing with the boyfriend about whether we should end it.
  16. Forgetting to take my anti-crazy pills, and slowly going crazy.

Life happens. Whether you want it to or not. Happy Belated Mother's Day.

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