Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Places I Would Rather Be Than Work

In the ongoing saga of doing anything to avoid increasing my productivity, here's another blog from the trenches:

  1. At home

  2. Granville Island

  3. At the park

  4. Australia (except the scary parts)

  5. The fabric store

  6. The Luberon

  7. Las Vegas

  8. The spa

  9. Malaysia

  10. Venice Beach

  11. Venice, Italy

  12. Disneyworld

  13. Ni'ihau

  14. Pike Place Market

Until very recently this list would have included Mexico, but just now, I think that's an area to avoid. At least until people stop dropping dead of the flu. Although a large part of me feels like this whole flu thing is just media hype in a slow news month. There would be more, but, uh, you know, I'm at work...working?

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