Thursday, May 21, 2009

What I Ate Today

I got up this morning and exercised. I think I've remembered why I want to be beautiful again. By this time next year I want to be able to wear a bikini. That girl in the pictures had a lot of fun, dammit! And people were always buying her drinks, and asking her to dance at the clubs. So I just have to find her again.

1. 3/4 of a slice of french toast with syrup
2. One piece of bacon
3. An ice cream sandwich
4. Some fruit, two chicken drummettes, a mini-burger, and some veggies.
5. Glass of punch
6. Piece of cake

It seems like there was something else, but maybe I'm just thinking that because I went to get some soup and ended up with ice cream. Damn you, ice cream!

I guess I'll have to get up early and exercise. I want to do my step tapes but I don't want to be watched. It's so annoying that the boyfriend chooses to sleep in the living room. When he chooses to sleep.

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