Friday, May 1, 2009

Suggested Scenarios for Dress Up "Adventures"

I suggested these to the boyfriend, and his response was 'not my thing' which is pretty typical of him since mostly his thing is me doing stuff to him, him thinking that somehow constitutes foreplay for ME, even though I've TOLD him on several occasions THAT IT DOESN'T. This is followed by generally vanilla intercourse, then him having an orgasm, or maybe two, and then getting dressed and watching TV. Notice a lack of something there? He apparently doesn't. (I KNOW! I ask myself that question on a daily basis, trust me.) That's on the days that he feels like doing anything at all. Because the thought has never crossed his mind once that there could be anything happening if he's not having an orgasm. (I KNOW! There are a lot of days when I wonder why I bother, trust me.) Anyway, sorry for the yelling, here's the list:

  1. He is the dead-eyed gunslinger and she is the brazen tavern girl who ignites his untamed passions. She is a tease (maybe there's some naughty dancing?), but he doesn't take no for an answer. She resists, he insists, there's some biting and clawing (or not, as you like) and then she succumbs, loosing her pent-passions in fury of repressed sexual need.

  2. He is the mysterious masked bandito (ok, Zorro, we all know it's Zorro) and she is the haughty, but neglected Spanish landowner's wife with an icy facade, but an untapped core of molten passion. He discovers her alone one evening, after her bastard of a husband has left to visit his mistress just one time too many, and seduces her into retaliatory illicit love. She is reserved and shy at first, then as her resistance crumbles she releases the Latin virago hiding inside her proper upbringing.

  3. He is a victorious gladiator, and she is the slave girl thrown into his cell for a night's pleasure. This can be played one of two ways. She could be the wild untamed vixen who has never been willing to submit to her masters demands, or she could be the fearful much abused waif who cringes in fear and has to be coaxed into discovering the joys of carnal love. He could be masterful but tender, or gentle and persuasive. She could also be a barbarian princess who saw him in the arena and had him brought to her, bound and humbled, for her night's pleasure. (Depending on your kink level there could be spanking/whipping and/or foot worship. Personally, I think foot worship is excellent, not that I ever get any.) Is it poignant and bittersweet, because they have only one night? Is there anger and promises of revenge for the savage defilement?

  4. He is the prison guard and she is the unrepentant inmate who tempts him with her forbidden charms. Is he an upright man who is pushed beyond his endurance by her constant touching and innuendos? Will she use his lapse as a way to coerce him into more elaborate and riskier encounters? Will she seduce him in the prison laundry? In the warden's very office? Or is she an innocent victim who is promised help by her corrupt (and sadistic) captor in exchange for sexual favors? How many degraded and perverted acts will he demand in exchange for his help? Will he keep his promise, and help her prove her innocence or decide to destroy her admission records so she disappears from the system and keep her captive forever?

  5. He is the Arab sheik and she is the harem slave he has purchased, or dancing girl he has hired for his pleasure. If she is a slave, is she an innocent virgin or a knowing temptress? If she is a dancer, does she think she is here only to dance, or does she hope to capture his interest and thereby secure herself a more permanent position? Maybe HE is the innocent virgin, and she's been purchased by his father to make him into a man. (Belly dance lessons are optional for this one, but learning a few interesting moves can enhance the whole experience. You can get some pretty decent instruction tapes for cheap, too.)

  6. He is the streetwise mack daddy and she wants to be or is his 'wife-in law (that's a prostitute, try to follow along).' Of course there's the traditional 'interview' scenario, he has a position available in his stable and she has to convince him that she can fill the opening by letting him do a little positioning and filling of his own. Or he has pictures to show her, and wants to give her a 'training' session. There could be toys needed to demonstrate the proper technique. And a mirror. Or maybe she's been holding out on him. When he finds out, he needs to reassert his position as the boss and punish her for her transgression (there could be spanking!), or perhaps she needs to use her ample skills to convince him that it's not true. She wants to show him she's honest and loyal to him, she's begging him to believe her, she's on her knees, she's inventive, and then he's not thinking about money any more!

There are endless possibilities really, and you can get inventive, and tailor your ideas to your interests. Maybe you are a famous chef with a debt-stricken restaurant, desperate to get good reviews from the harsh restaurant critic (sex and food, yum). Or the golf pro whose client wants to get a 'hole in one.' Or the tennis pro whose 'score' is always 'love' off the court. Maybe you are the hot, but professional, aerobics instructor who 'corrects' the newbie exercise enthusiast's 'form' a little too often (and a little to close to the special touching spots). Maybe one of you is an international spy, heck, maybe you both are! Play with it, have fun, get a hotel room for that extra exotic touch (sex on foreign sheets!), use costumes and props, or don't do any of that, just whisper your fantasy into a handy ear. I sent the boyfriend pictures. Which he didn't appreciate, apparently. Or if fantasex is not your thing, make a counter-offer. (One that would be fun for BOTH of you.) Just, for heaven's sake, if your significant other suggests that you spice up the bedroom activity, don't tell them the suggested activity is 'not your thing,' and leave it at that. 'Cause that's like seriously a turn-off.

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