Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What I Ate Today

My diet is an ever-changing sea of emotional conflict. Or a nutrional mess. I think tomorrow I will try to cram in a week's worth of fruit and vegetable servings. Or maybe Saturday.

  1. Banana (Banana who?)
  2. Sesame bagel with hummus and tomato
  3. Curry noodle salad with water chestnuts
  4. Steamed Broccoli (with a few carrot shavings for color)
  5. Skim milk
  6. Peanut Butter Cookie
  7. Chocolate Chip Cookie
  8. A piece of chicken pizza
  9. 3 pieces of cheese pizza (Hey, they were small pieces!)

Today was a surprisingly light food day. If the evil cookie gods had not set down an enormous plate of cookies in front of my desk, I would have done pretty good. Except for the too much pizza and not enough vegetables. Don't judge me.

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