Monday, February 2, 2009

Things I Lost When My Stuff Was Thrown On The Curb

There is a story behind's short though. It goes my landlord is an asshole so he let the people who were moving my stuff out steal some. Here's what's missing:

1. My Makita Cordless Drill and Flashlight Set - which was a Mother's Day Present (what? I like tools.)
2. My toolbox - which contained my screwdriver set, my drill bits, my ratchet set, my linoleum knife, my basin wrench, my wire strippers, two hammers of different sizes, a really good pair of pliers, and a kind of sucky adjustable wrench along with various useful things. (I did say I liked tools.)
2. My cordless telephones, and their bases.
4. My router and the Verizon Wireless modem it was attached to. (Hah, hah the router will probably be useless because they don't have the WEP key!)
5. Two season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
6. Two older desktop computers - one of which has a lot of information I want on it.
7. My laptop. My NEW laptop.
8. All of my alcohol. Which wasn't a lot. But still...tacky.
9. My blenders. Both of them.
10. Around 30 AA batteries. The packaging was left out empty, the batteries were taken.
11. A set of wire grid storage cubes.
12. A crappy stick vacuum cleaner, minus the bagless insert, which was in something else.
13. A set of Amway knives.
14. Other little annoying things like a Pyrex glass pan, and some CD's.

For the most part the stuff is replaceable. The information on the computers is not replaceable, including some family pictures that I may not have anywhere else. It's just really, really, REALLY annoying that this guy, who is accusing me of being dishonest, hired people who figured there was no way for me to prove they stole stuff, so they did. And I don't believe for one second that he doesn't know the kind of people he hired. And I really want my damned phones!

Eh...I'm supposed to be trying to reduce my possessions anyway.

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